What Our Clients Have to Say

“I have met many healers in my life due to the fact I live with HIV, Cirrhosis of the liver, Hep.C and thirteen surgeries on my hip. The doctors said I would always limp and probably in a wheelchair. I am in awe of the healing I have received since meeting you and having sessions. I have never felt so much healing and release before in my life. You are a true healer! Each session is amazing. I have healed so much since seeing you. I can walk so well now. Some days with no limp. I feel energy where I used to struggle with chronic fatigue. I truly believe that I will experience complete healing with you. On top of all this you are such a peaceful, loving and kind person. I enjoy seeing you every time I come and miss you when I don’t. I want to say “Thank You” from the deepest part of my heart. You have truly been giving me a powerful gift!”

Emily S. – Carlsbad, CA

“Lien, thank you so much for the therapy sessions with me. When I came to you with a chronic hip problem, you fixed it in one session. I was able to walk without pain. Now I am back walking again — pain free. For me myofascial release is the best and my arm is also almost healed. You’re the true healer! “

Ann R. – Carlsbad, CA

It’s not often that I single-out individual health practitioners, but I have to throw a shout out for this woman right here. Her name is Lien Ho, and she may look like a small, unassuming woman, but to put it simply…she is the most powerful energy-worker I have ever had sessions with.
For the past few years after my book was published, I’ve been working very hard to create and launch my program – The Empowered Health Program. I put in long hours everyday, and fortunately I love what I do, so it doesn’t usually feel like work. Still, I definitely find that I need to get “re-balanced” or “re-aligned” every so often.
When I do, there’s one person I go to – Lien. I don’t know how to describe what she does, because it’s different every time, but I come out feeling incredible (and not just for a short time).
If you live in North County San Diego and are looking for a good health practitioner that does energy work, I highly recommend you check her out! Her site is www.lienho.com 

P.S. I get no “kickback” for referring Lien, and she didn’t ask me to refer her to anyone. I’m just letting you know about her because I think she is amazing

David Z. – Escondido

“I have known Lien for years. She helped me work through some chronic PSI pain when I was living in San Diego. After not seeing her for a couple of years due to moving out of the area, I was looking for alternative treatment for a fertility issue. I knew that Lien was the person I needed to help me with my issue – after specialists told me that my condition was not treatable. Lien has always been a very strong healer, but now that she has shifted her focus to QiGong, I feel that her work is even more focused and effective. We are soon expecting a healthy and strong baby, and I feel that Lien’s work was a big factor in our outcome. I totally understand why people travel long distances to visit her. She has a very special gift.

Carrie K. L. – London

“I had extensive spinal surgery, a fusion from C-1 through T-4, and Lien’s brilliant healing work has made a huge difference in my recovery. She helped facilitate the release of ongoing tightness and tension that resulted from the surgery. Her work has also really helped areas of my body that weren’t functioning at 100% due to tension from old, old injuries. In addition, I gained great benefit–in more ways than I am aware of–from doing qigong with Lien. I attended her free Saturday morning sessions overlooking the beach whenever possible, and also did a daily practice with her on weekday mornings in her office. Learning the simple routine she teaches has given me a way to help facilitate my own healing on an ongoing basis. My body feels better than ever.”

Lane S. – Ketchum, ID

“I had low back pain for more than 35 years. I’d tried many healing therapies include chiropractic, massage, bodywork, rolfing. Nothing really worked until I saw Lien. She took my pain away completely. Thank you, Lien for your good hands.”

Alan S. , San Diego, CA